St. Albert Nutrition Service

St. Albert Nutrition Service Wellness Policy

2021/2022 School Year


St. Albert NS is committed to providing a school environment that enhances learning and development of lifelong wellness practices.


Nutrition Education:


St. Albert NS will implement the health objectives relating to diet, nutrition, and exercise as stated in the 2002 Archdiocesan Graded Course of Study for Science and Health.
Teachers will be encouraged to integrate nutrition education across the curriculum in areas such as math, science, language arts, and social studies.
Nutrition guidelines, food pyramid charts, suggestions for healthy food choices and/or other messages related to health and nutrition will be posted in or near the school cafeteria.
School lunch periods will be scheduled to provide nourishment within a reasonable time frame from the start of the school day.
Recess or snack breaks will be scheduled for students as needed to maintain energy levels.



Physical Activity:


Students will participate in the school’s physical education program.
Physical education programs will implement the objectives of the 2006 Archdiocesan Graded Course of Study for Physical Education.
Physical education will include instruction of individual activity as well as competitive and non-competitive team sports to encourage life-long physical activity.
All classes will have access to recess according to the school schedule.
Discipline will be administered in ways other than depriving a student of recess or physical education class.
Students will be encouraged to participate in school and community sports programs, and to be physically active outside of school.


Other School-Based Activities


The school encourages the use of non-food rewards for student behavior. 
The school encourages teachers and parents to provide a healthy snack, and to minimize sugary treats for classroom celebrations.
The After-School Care program will encourage physical activity and healthy habit formation.
The school will provide parent education on nutrition and the benefits of physical activity in the monthly newsletter through the course of the year.


Nutrition Guidelines for foods available during the school day:


The school lunch program will follow nutritional guidelines established by the Ohio Department of Education, Office of Child Nutrition Services.
The school will evaluate products sold on the premises offering healthy alternative snacks and beverages.
Drinking fountains will be available to students in the building.


Guidelines for reimbursable school meals:


The school will continue to follow the state and federal guidelines and procedures for reimbursement for school lunch and special milk programs.


Plan for measuring implementation of the local wellness policy:

 The school will survey students regarding their eating choices and physical activity during the school day and outside of school