​​​St. Albert Nutrition Service

Food Substitution in the National School Lunch Program

According to the National School Lunch Program, food and beverage substitutions can only be made with a form signed by a licensed physician. Please print this form, have it signed, dated and returned to your cafeteria manager. We are unable to make any changes to our menu without this consent form. Our funds and options for substitutions are limited, so we have the right to determine if a substitution is unable to be fulfilled and to deny the accommodation. The parent/guardian will be notified if this is determined and we will then provide suggestions and work with the parent/guardian to come up with an attainable solution.


Lactose intolerance is not viewed by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) as a life threatening allergy, so we are not required to provide a substitution. The parent/guardian would be encouraged to send a substitute of their choice with the child daily for their lunch.


Any substitutions that are made must meet the same nutritional components as the item that is omitted:




You can submit this form to:


Please include your child's school.

Thank you